As I delve deeper and deeper into Zf2 I find myself constantly Googling to find answers of best approaches to use when developing with Zf2. Unfortunately given the framework is still early on in its life many of these questions have yet to be asked (… or if they have been asked there sometimes aren’t answers).

One such question I was looking to solve was, how exactly do you create your own custom plugin manager in Zf2?

At first this seemed like a rather trivial task, inject the plugin manager configuration into the service manager using the module.config.php file. This seemed like too much overhead and has some unwanted limitations (eg. injecting plugins via something like getControllerPluginConfig in a Module.php file).

Looking at how the existing plugin managers are configured in Zend\Mvc\Service\ModuleManagerFactory it seemed like something that could be done easily enough to do in the onBootstrap function of the module containing the plugin manager. Unfortunately this didn’t work because onBootstrap is called too late in the initialization process for the plugin manager to be constructed correctly. Finally, I discovered the init function which is called early enough for the plugin manager to be constructed correctly, below is an example solution.

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I am too lazy to post on the blog regularly but I thought I would post an update about my personal life.

Firstly I should probably mention that I am a university student studying Business and IT at QUT. I’m in my 3rd year of full time study and still have another 1 1/2 to 2 years left if I continue at the pace I am going.

When I finished my final year of secondary school I was hoping to obtain a place in their cadetship program but that fell through (twice) and since then I’ve just been bludging off my parents and focusing on my unversity studies and my primary hobby (programming).

Until this week my resume hasn’t even been attractive enough to reach the interview stage of the job recruitment process but… finally a few hours ago I got an email from David Steel the owner and creative director of Vivo Group to setup an interview for this Friday.

After doing a bit of Googling around about Vivo Group I discovered they were the guys behind that Slap Corey flash game that I remember playing in high school and also 2 similar flash games; Slap a Pollie and Slap Sheen… I smell a bit of a trend going on here. O_o

Very eager to have this interview, I’m not too confident about my chances of getting a job but at least I finally got an interview. :D

*crosses fingers*

Update (26 July 2011): failed. :(

Free hosts are never as good as you wish they were. :(

That being said weren’t as bad as others, I only suffered one major downtime on their free hosting. By comparison 000webhost randomly deleted my account after a few months of using them without giving any explanation as to why and HostHelpers underwent a change in ownership at which point everything went to shit with more frequent and longer downtimes until one time it failed to come back up.

The reason for the change from is purely due to my university having something wrong with their network setup rendering my site inaccessible whilst at university.

Anyways now the awesome people at GSHI are hosting my blog, cheat database, code converter script and whatnot. All considered I think this should offer better stability for the site since they have been around for quite a while (more than 10 years) and have also been hosting KodeWerx for some time now. Thanks GSHI staff!

… now back to silence on the blog for another few months. :P

Seeing as how a large number of people are unable to get TempAR working *cough*likely can’t read*cough*. I have patched NitePR (by SANiK), CoderPR (by Murderface), MKULTRA (by RedHate) and DarkFrost (by demon450) to run on 6.35 PRO. Please note that you will have to create a folder called plugins in the root of the memory stick and move the game.txt from the seplugins folder to the new folder in order to load the plugin.

I have also uploaded a small fix for TempAR to allow game guides to work on 6.3X. The update also possibly makes it compatible with PSX-PSN games on 6.3X (untested as I have no PSX-PSN games). Remember that it is recommended to use tempar_lite.prx in games on 6.3X to help prevent crashing. Download from here.

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Over the past few months there have been a couple of people wanting the source code of PSP Tool 1.00. I have responded to some and I have also ignored others. Rather than everyone having to ask for it I have decided to provide a download link for everyone to get it.

Some notes that I passed on to the last person I sent it to:

  • This was my first attempt at a C language application and had just hacked my PSP. You should expect bad coding practices and whatnot. I also used some crappy VB.NET app which compiles and packs everything instead of a makefile so you may have to do some fiddling there to actually compile it if needed.
  • There may be some half done code in there. I keep planning on changing stuff but end up giving up because it is in need of a complete rewrite which I can’t be bothered doing.

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Seeing as my free host provider says they are doing “maintenance” my usual website is currently down (the one that has the converters, generators and cheat DB). Not sure how long it will be down for so I figured I would write a blog post about it and redirect to this blog.

I’m at a bit of a loss why the host felt the need to redirect the traffic from my site to one of those crappy ad sites but whatever.

Anyways if you want the most recent cheat database you can get it from here. You can also get the latest version of my cheat device (TempAR) from Codemasters Project. It was recently updated to work on the newly released 6.3X PRO by Coldbird/VFlame.

If you are using one of the 6.3X HENs be sure to read the instructions carefully because they are a bit different then the normal installation instructions. Also there have been some reports of it not working which I haven’t been able to reproduce :( . I want to get some kind of idea of how many people are having this problem, so if you are using 6.3X PRO please cast your vote as to whether or not TempAR works for you.

Update: the usual site seems to be working at the moment. I might leave my blog at for a while in case the problem happens again. You can visit For the converter, generators etc.

Update 2: I can confirm that TempAR is working for me with my PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 handhelds on 6.35 PRO.
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Throughout the unit we have learnt about many of the social tools available on the internet including blogs, wikis and the more mainstream social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
But is there more to cover? Of course there is there are many, many unique social tools which aim to increase productivity, collaboration and enforce other Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 principles. Obviously I can’t discuss them all so I’ll just mention a few I have been using.
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It comes as no secret that more and more companies are turning to the clouds and using social networks as business tools for increasing profits, communication and much more!

A large number of big brand companies have also implemented social media usage guidelines and even training within their organization to better protect the reputation of the company. These guidelines came out of a necessity to not only protect other employees but also to ensure the company’s image is not ruined by misuse of these tools.

An example of a company who has not had the best run with social media is Nestle (example originally found by Andrew). The employee in charge of social media communication clearly neglected the guidelines and even common sense for that matter. Threatening to ban a user for simply using the company logo as an avatar is absurd in an online environment where freedom of speech is taken to a whole new level. This is an excellent example of how 1 person can greatly diminish the reputation of a company through just a few comments.
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Wikis has proven time and time again to be a useful collaboration and communication tool with the primary usage being as an aggregation tool for multiple entities to contribute small amounts of information pertaining to a specific topic.

One of the largest wikis is Wikipedia an online encyclopaedia created by contributors from around the world. Being such a large wiki both in users and in content it truly shows how useful a wiki can be. Whilst Wikipedia is a constant subject of vandalism these problems are often rectified rather quickly and in many cases the quality of the content is comparable to that of commercial encyclopaedias and in some cases even better with a larger variety of available information which is more up to date.

But enough with Wikipedia, this blog post is about how corporations are using Wikipedia.
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As of recently many companies have taken to the internet as an alternative to more conventional channels such as television and radio. Almost all large companies now have a twitter account which they use to engage and keep in touch with the community and as a tool for them to build their user base as well as to market their products/services.

An example of a company which is getting involved in blogging is the Red Cross. As a complement to their blog they also have a twitter account which boasts a massive 186,837 followers as of September 13, 2010. That is a phenomenal boost of 182,639 from just one year ago and exposes just how viral these social networking sites are. The Red Cross twitter account is used to make the operations of the company more transparent as well as for marketing in which they “tweet” short blurbs of information about disasters happening around the world to persuade viewers to donate to help the cause.

Despite the largely positive potential blogging and micro-blogging may carry with it there is even larger potential at jeopardizing ones-self or an entire company with just one slip up. This is not something that is new and can often be avoided by following company protocol before making any material public. An example of a recent slip up is Stephanie Rice’s homophobic tweet which despite being deleted only moment after being published has resulted in the loss of her contract with Jaguar and severely damaged her reputation which will undoubtedly affect any possible future sponsorship.
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