Seeing as my free host provider says they are doing “maintenance” my usual website is currently down (the one that has the converters, generators and cheat DB). Not sure how long it will be down for so I figured I would write a blog post about it and redirect to this blog.

I’m at a bit of a loss why the host felt the need to redirect the traffic from my site to one of those crappy ad sites but whatever.

Anyways if you want the most recent cheat database you can get it from here. You can also get the latest version of my cheat device (TempAR) from Codemasters Project. It was recently updated to work on the newly released 6.3X PRO by Coldbird/VFlame.

If you are using one of the 6.3X HENs be sure to read the instructions carefully because they are a bit different then the normal installation instructions. Also there have been some reports of it not working which I haven’t been able to reproduce :( . I want to get some kind of idea of how many people are having this problem, so if you are using 6.3X PRO please cast your vote as to whether or not TempAR works for you.

Update: the usual site seems to be working at the moment. I might leave my blog at for a while in case the problem happens again. You can visit For the converter, generators etc.

Update 2: I can confirm that TempAR is working for me with my PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 handhelds on 6.35 PRO.

  • Mr_Waffle

    Where’s my converter, man D: I need it.

    • raing3

      Sorry, I think it will be down for a few weeks. :(

      Codes are fairly easy to convert from NitePR to CWCheat though so you could do it manually without too much trouble. If not just PM me the codes at OneHitGamer and tell me what format you want them in and I’ll send them back to you.

  • farmz


    why is it that i cant see the list of cheats,

    Tempar v1.59

    im on 6.31

    thank you very much!

    more power to you raing3!!!

    • raing3

      Did you check the cheat database to make sure there are cheats for your game? It is most likely that there are no cheats available in the currently loaded database.

    • farmz

      i found the solution…i just rename cheat1.db to cheat.db =)

      now Tempar works on 6.31

  • JuggerNaughts

    Does the screenshot function work for the 6.35 PRO? The cheats seems to work perfectly fine, but I can’t seem to take any screenshots…

    • raing3

      No, I haven’t managed to work out a solution to make the screenshot function work on 6.3X yet. :(

  • dante999


    work on psp 3000 6.31pro
    thank you~~~

    but have problem…

    cwcheat’s address = 161bf8
    i found address in TempAR = 8961bf8

    so cwcheat’s address + 8800000h = TempAR’s address

    • raing3

      Yes that is correct but other stuff does need changing to make the codes work the same for the PSPAR/CWCheat cheat engine.

      You would be best just to add the CWCheat codes directly instead of trying to convert them as TempAR supports both PSPAR and CWCheat codes.

      EDIT: I was about to reply to your comment on OHG, I see you corrected your math before you posted here. :P

  • farmz


    Tempar v1.59 is working on 6.31 PRO

    i just rename the cheat1.db to cheat.db.

  • Miguelito

    Please, source code of PSP Tool v1.00 :(

    *Sorry, im italian my english isn`t good.

  • farmz


    my son is playing his favorite games like Dantes Inferno and Gladiators Begins. he want to cheat on those 2 games.

    i turned the cheats on and set what he likes to activate. but the cheats are not functioning.

    what is the problem?

    im sorry too for my poor english grammar.

    • raing3

      Could you please tell me what the Game IDs for those particular games are? I assume Gladiator Begins is “ULUS-10528″ but I’m not sure about Dante’s Inferno.

      Also what firmware, 6.31 PRO right? ISO Loader, Prometheus ISO Launcher yes? Are the games UMDs/clean scene releases or are they patched? Did codes for any other games work for you?

      I will try to look into the problem and fix the codes if necessary but make no promises as the codes could be not working for a number of reasons.

  • kinishiro

    you tool is working perfectly on my PSP3004 with 6.31PRO , but i’m still knocking my head off on how to add cwcheats in the tempar cheat databases.

    any clues ?

    keep up man, your tool is awesome !!!!!!!!!!

    • raing3

      You just need to open the cheat.db/cheat1.db file with something like Wordpad or Notepad++. Then just copy and paste the CWCheat codes at the top of the file.

      It should look something like this (except CWCheat codes will have “_L” instead of “_M” before the code lines).

    • kinishiro

      SO i just have to :
      - copy cheats from cwcheats into the dbfile
      - change the _L to _M

      and that’s it ?
      i should have done something wrong, i’ll check it soon, thanks a lot for your help

    • raing3

      You only have to “copy cheats from cwcheats into the dbfile”. DON’T “change the _L to _M”, if you do the codes won’t work correctly.

    • kinishiro

      Cool :-)
      Then i definitely messed up something, will fix it soon :)

      Thanks for your help raing3

    • kinishiro

      ok i just reinstalled tempar, but one thing is strange, tempar starts ,i can use cheats, but i can”t activate cheats from cheat1.db, what should i do ?

    • raing3

      To use cheats from a different cheat database go to the “[PRX]” tab, scroll down to “Load cheat file” and press left/right to change the loaded DB, then press CROSS to load the DB. If you want that DB to be used by default you should then scroll down to “Save Settings” and press CROSS again.

    • kinishiro

      man you are amazing, replying at the speed of light !!!

      so if i’m correct, i can use cheats from cheat.db AND cheat1.db and save the activated cheats in a db file related to the game i play ?

      i hope i’m good enough at this point, so i won’t bother you anymore.

  • Bigbow

    tempar works great on 6.35 and could u add to next update of the cheat database god of war ghost of sparta UCES-01473

  • Zatachi

    I’m trying to put TempAR V. 1.59-2 on my PSP but i can’t get it to work :/
    I have a PSP 3001, 6.35 Pro.

    My friend has a PSP just like mine and his works fine and we both play Phantasy Star Portable 2.
    I did everything you said in you “onehitgamer” forum but it still isn’t working
    I’m doing something wrong? Raing3? Thanks in advance

    • raing3

      Try using TempAR v1.59-4. Also be sure to read the installation instructions as it is different than a normal install, remember you should be using tempar_lite.prx in the game.txt for 6.3X as well as the normal version doesn’t seem to work.

  • Zatachi

    Thanks I’ll give it try! I’m looking for a TempAR v1.59-4.
    If i can’t I’ll be sure to come back and ask again if you don’t mind.

    Thanks again!

  • Mr_Waffle

    Thanks for putting the converter back up, sweet that my “cheat” still works :D