Free hosts are never as good as you wish they were. :(

That being said weren’t as bad as others, I only suffered one major downtime on their free hosting. By comparison 000webhost randomly deleted my account after a few months of using them without giving any explanation as to why and HostHelpers underwent a change in ownership at which point everything went to shit with more frequent and longer downtimes until one time it failed to come back up.

The reason for the change from is purely due to my university having something wrong with their network setup rendering my site inaccessible whilst at university.

Anyways now the awesome people at GSHI are hosting my blog, cheat database, code converter script and whatnot. All considered I think this should offer better stability for the site since they have been around for quite a while (more than 10 years) and have also been hosting KodeWerx for some time now. Thanks GSHI staff!

… now back to silence on the blog for another few months. :P