I am too lazy to post on the blog regularly but I thought I would post an update about my personal life.

Firstly I should probably mention that I am a university student studying Business and IT at QUT. I’m in my 3rd year of full time study and still have another 1 1/2 to 2 years left if I continue at the pace I am going.

When I finished my final year of secondary school I was hoping to obtain a place in their cadetship program but that fell through (twice) and since then I’ve just been bludging off my parents and focusing on my unversity studies and my primary hobby (programming).

Until this week my resume hasn’t even been attractive enough to reach the interview stage of the job recruitment process but… finally a few hours ago I got an email from David Steel the owner and creative director of Vivo Group to setup an interview for this Friday.

After doing a bit of Googling around about Vivo Group I discovered they were the guys behind that Slap Corey flash game that I remember playing in high school and also 2 similar flash games; Slap a Pollie and Slap Sheen… I smell a bit of a trend going on here. O_o

Very eager to have this interview, I’m not too confident about my chances of getting a job but at least I finally got an interview. :D

*crosses fingers*

Update (26 July 2011): failed. :(

  • Aztecdude1

    You’ll do fine

  • williambutch

    Wow that cool to heard abut your study and i am new to this school and here to lean to hacking programming and do you lean abut this too…i would want you to put me through and i would like to be your friends if you dont mind…..