Seeing as how a large number of people are unable to get TempAR working *cough*likely can’t read*cough*. I have patched NitePR (by SANiK), CoderPR (by Murderface), MKULTRA (by RedHate) and DarkFrost (by demon450) to run on 6.35 PRO. Please note that you will have to create a folder called plugins in the root of the memory stick and move the game.txt from the seplugins folder to the new folder in order to load the plugin.

I have also uploaded a small fix for TempAR to allow game guides to work on 6.3X. The update also possibly makes it compatible with PSX-PSN games on 6.3X (untested as I have no PSX-PSN games). Remember that it is recommended to use tempar_lite.prx in games on 6.3X to help prevent crashing. Download from here.

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Over the past few months there have been a couple of people wanting the source code of PSP Tool 1.00. I have responded to some and I have also ignored others. Rather than everyone having to ask for it I have decided to provide a download link for everyone to get it.

Some notes that I passed on to the last person I sent it to:

  • This was my first attempt at a C language application and had just hacked my PSP. You should expect bad coding practices and whatnot. I also used some crappy VB.NET app which compiles and packs everything instead of a makefile so you may have to do some fiddling there to actually compile it if needed.
  • There may be some half done code in there. I keep planning on changing stuff but end up giving up because it is in need of a complete rewrite which I can’t be bothered doing.

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