Usage Information

To convert codes from one format to another simply paste the codes into the text box and press the convert button.

Supported Code Types (CWCheat conversion)
  • Constant Write (code types 0x0, 0x1 and 0x2).
  • Pointer Command (only single pointer) (code type 0x6).
  • Multi-address write/value Increase (code types 0x4 and 0x8).
Supported Code Types (NitePR conversion)
  • Constant Write.
  • Pointer Command (code type 0xFFFFFFFF).
Converting CWCheat/NitePR codes to TempAR format.
  • To convert CWCheat/NitePR codes to a PSPAR format which is compatible with TempAR simply place a ~ character at the very start of the text box.