Starting off as a simple script to convert codes to and from CWCheat and NitePR it has since grown into a basic CMS type system.


  • Easy cache to reduce server load.
  • Permissions system to restrict access to functionality.
  • API to allow functionality to be used within third party applications.
  • Convert codes from CWCheat/NitePR to CWCheat/NitePR/PSPAR (R4CCE)/PSPAR (TempAR) formats.
  • Simple port codes function to add/subtract values from PSP codes.
  • Universal string imposter generator to create codes to change names and other strings in PSP games.
  • Create pspar_codes1.bin from user input PSPAR (R4CCE) codes (restricted).
  • Auto-generated code archive for TempAR.

Java API App