What does this NitePR mod do?
  • Makes NitePR work with homebrew (uses same game id as CWCheat/TempAR) (hooks sceIoOpen/sceIoRead/sceIoClose functions and redirects attempts to read from disc0:/UMD_DATA.BIN).
  • Makes NitePR work with POPS games (loads flash0:/kd/usb.prx).
  • No need to press HOME button to start NitePR now (hooks sceDisplayGetFrameBufferInternal and returns a pointer to SceImpose_FrameBuffer).
What cheat devices does this work with? This NitePR mod has been tested and working with the following (but it should work with just about any NitePR mod):
  • NitePR
  • coderPR
  • DarkFrost
  • CEFive
  • CMFR21C


Installation Instructions
  1. Append a _ to the end of the filename of your old NitePR mod (before the file extension) (eg. nitePR.prx becomes nitePR_.prx).
  2. Copy nprloader.prx to your memory stick and rename it to the original name of your NitePR mod. (eg. nitePR.prx)

Download nprloader 0.1